Drowning in a daydream

I saw a series of bucket list photos over the net a while ago. I got addicted and thought of doing my own bucket list too. Reading the bucket list made me realize that there are so many things to do in this world. That is why whenever you get bored, try doing your bucket list one at a time 🙂

From the list that i saw over the net, below photos are the things that i have accomplished already 🙂

Done doing this last year. Literally no blanket, pillows, and whatever we use to sleep comfortably. Seeing the stars shining so bright before sleeping is the BEST sight ever. You can think about so many things while staring at the beautiful stars 🙂

I dont own an expensive car but i was able to drive one 🙂 When i went to Hongkong last year, my “then” boyf’s family owns a Maserati. He let me drive the car for 5 minutes regardless the fact that i dont have a HK license.

FIRST LOVE will always be the craziest and most impulsive love ever!

My back tattoo just turned two years old last September. I’d  love to have another one but im still cluless where and what to have.

I’ve been driving for 4 years already. In our family, its a must that you know how to drive.

Summer Romance that lasted for almost two years 🙂

I finally touched down Sydney last July with my family

Of course, with someone i love!

Scariest thing i’ve done so far!!!!

And a lot lot more i couldnt post here ha ha!

I still have an on-going list that i would love to do someday. I hope that in time, i’ll have lots of $$$ so i can make it all possible ha ha.


It will take me a long time to finally complete my list. I want so many things in life. Its difficult to choose :))


About bsolegario

Its hard to capture my interest, and mantain it as well, but once you have it, you have it all
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