I’ll go crazy if i wont get crazy tonight

Last night was one helluva night. Me and my loves went to Cable Car Makati for two reasons – 1. We want to Beer Pong and 2. to celebrate Garrette’s Birthday Eve.

Ever since we graduated, we automatically retired from doing kid stuff and slowly began doing what a usual ‘Yuppie’ would do- Work (find a satisfying career), Responsible partying (which means getting drunk at night but make sure to do your agenda the next day, no matter what!), and lots of coffee and tea sessions instead of going to disco bars. Getting wasted and doing stupid things are now for the younger generation haha —- been there, done that.

So anyway, last night we wanted to feel young again, oooppsss (we’re still young by the way) i meant, we wanted to go back to our highschool ways– To have Pure fun and be careless. What made last night happier was the fact that the dolls were almost complete (sans E, N, and K) its okay though because in our barkada, they are the good girls and we’re the opposite (including Rian but she’s in the states now) ha ha.

Last night Garrette finally introduced Homer, her new Boyfriend. I am really happy for her because Homer knows and accepts the “real” Garrette. Nice pick biatch! Ha ha.

First game of the night: Table Soccer

Sorry guys, Camille and I actually make up a good team! We won several times, you may call it “Tyamba” but i call it “Strategy” 🙂

More pictures from last night. I also miss hanging out with Cent, Cholo, Daboy, and Denreb. It was also nice meeting Cent’s friends (i forgot their names) Well nothing is really new, i am the most forgetful person when it comes to names, well except if i find the person interesting. I dont know if i should tell but i remembered only one name introduced to me last night haha but i am not telling who 🙂

Second game of the night: BEER PONG. Denreb and I won the first and second set, after that, i surrendered. I could not drink too many beers last night because i am driving everyone home. Grace, Garrette, Homer played the third and fourth game against Eric and Errol. I would like to give credits to Grace for playing Beer Pong so well!!! Hands Down!!!

Should i mention here that the birthday girl passed out? Hahaha okay i just did. Eric was so drunk last night too. You know what makes me laugh so hard? When Eric and Garrette bully each other. These two people can really really really make me laugh without the need to exert so much effort. I love you guys!

It was a fun-filled night indeed until something happened at past 4am. I am not spilling but just take it from here —-> “When drunk, ALWAYS control yourself. Just have FUN and dont ruin everyone’s mood”

So there… GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN 🙂 I will see all my loves again tomorrow night for Garrette’s real celebration at Distillery. 

Love, B.


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Its hard to capture my interest, and mantain it as well, but once you have it, you have it all
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