Someday we’ll be hippies

Festivals are making me craaaaazy!!! I cant help but feel envious to people who get to go to these amazing festivals. I wish i have the time, budget, and good company. I dont know if this will forever remain a wishful thinking or this will come true someday. I prefer the latter, and if that happens, i can die already. Kidding aside, my quest in discovering the world is still on going. Slowly im making my dream come true.

So. If given a chance, id go to these festivals. Everyday my eyes are lusting over these events. Truly where i want to belong. My heart is beating so fast whenever i think about these.

5). Full moon party- Koh Phangan, Thailand

Music Genre: Trance, Techno, and R&B

Well, nothing hippie in this event i just wanna include it


This happens once every month during full moon. About 10,000 to 20,000 people come here to party, mostly australians and europeans. This is the most famous party in Thailand


A lot of bucket drinks are being served plus several party games. Since my first true love is techno trance, i am definite im gonna enjoy this party.


Yes, party ends the following day- about 11am. So when you’re coming here, make sure you have lots of energy!!! Im fortunate enough because im gonna go to this parth next month. I really cant wait!!!

4). Zouk Out- Singapore

Music Genre: Trance and Techno

Fourth on my list is Zouk Out! I came to know this from a friend! This festival caught my attention when they featured Avicii last year (2011) im crazy over his levels and sadly i missed the opportunity to watch him play live. I was supposed to go in December but i wont push through anymore due to my sudden trip to Beijing. Well, there’s always a next time.


Its a 2 day event, im just not sure if it requires people to camp, well if yes, the better!!!


3). Coachella- Los Angeles

Music Genre: Alternative, Pop, Country, R&B, rock

This one’s the most impossible thing for me. Tickets are always sold out plus money is highly needed haha. This, if i may say, is the most mainstream among all the music festivals around the world. Festivals are meant to be hippie not mainstream.


See the crowd??? Wonderful right??!!


Since it is a 3 day event, you have the option to go camping. Either you bring your tent or you rent. Coachella has accomodations and i think it costs $195 per tent/space. Oouuccchhh


And dont you love the outfits? I love hippie outfits!! I am sort of having this style at the moment :))

2). Splendour in the Grass

Music Genre: Alternative, Pop, Country, R&B, rock

Now, here comes the coachella version of Australians, the Splendour! This happens in Brisbane every last weekend of July.


This happens every winter so i dont know how people ease the coldness.


1). Tomorrowland- Boom, Belgium

Music Genre: Techno and Trance

Oh god, the people, the sounds, the place, and the outfit…. I died!!! I love the colorful motiff of this festival- very cool!!!




This is my ultimate ultimate dream!! Words arent enough to describe this event! Just watch the video for you to find out! The video explains it all!!!


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